Bloggen är kaos just nu. Jag har precis kopierat över mina gamla bloggar, så nu är det en salig blandning av språk (Svenska & Engelska), teman (allt ifrån personligt svammel till välplanerade inlägg) och massor av kategorier etc. som ligger helt knasigt. Över 700 inlägg har det blivit genom åren. Det är många historier, minnen och pinsamheter som gömmer sig här. Precis så som det ska vara. 

Jag vet inte alls vad jag vill, mer än att det känns smartare och tryggare att ha allt samlat på ett ställe (med regelbundna backups).  Fast just nu känns det mest rörigt och kaosartat. Och väldigt överväldigande. 700 inlägg är inte direkt lätt att bara gå igenom för att ta bort dubbletter, gå igenom kategorierna osv.


Vad gör man en brittisk sommardag, när kalendern visar på Juni och man är lite sugen på en strand? Jo, man tar på sig varma kläder (det är ju liksom Storbritannien vi pratar om), googlar “London getaways”, hoppar in i bilen och kör i några timmar. Superlätt.


Vi har redan hängt så mycket i Camber Sands, Brighton och närliggande ställen, så det fick bli ett wild card. Nämligen Botany Bay. Det ligger en sådär 2-3 timmar bort med bil ifrån norra London, men först måste man passera Margate.


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view from aloft bangkok hotel

We’ve left Pattaya for Bangkok and just checked in on the 25th floor at the Aloft Bangkok hotel. I’m going to take a quick shower and then head out to explore the city.

I love the view from our floor here! There’s a big floor-to-ceiling window by the elevators where I took the above photo. Our room is facing the other way, but it’s still a good view. Just not as good as from the other side. I’m sitting by our large desk and have the perfect view of a stranger’s bedroom among other things.. Hm.

We haven’t seen much of the city so far since we only walked 10 minutes from the bus stop to the hotel, but I instantly felt at home. Big cities are defiantly my thing and Bangkok seems a little big like an Asian version of London.

Thailand Travel blog Travel blog Sweden

We’re alive and in Thailand! I’m dead tired and super excited at the same time. I can’t believe that we are finally here and have begun the first part of our move to Australia. It’s actually happening for real. We’re moving to Australia in just a few days!! It’s exciting times my friends, but there’s an entire country to explore first before we’re boarding our last flight in a few days.

Bangkok Travel blogI’m tired though. No, I’m beyond just being tired. I’m dead exhausted to the point where I can’t even make sense of my own thoughts, let alone expressing myself to anyone else. Arriving in Thailand after a 12 hour overnight flight with hardly no sleep and a +6 hour time difference was much harder than I had expected. We were both tired and frustrated. And then we got lost in a country where we can’t read the street signs or use our phones (google maps). All while the sweat was pouring down our bodies from carrying, what seemed like, a ton on our backs. It was not a proud moment of our relationship, but we finally made it to the hotel and collapsed on the bed without even taking off our clothes.

We went straight to bed. I don’t even have any memories of falling asleep. All I know was falling on top of the bed and later waking up several hours later. This is a pretty hardcore jetlag and we’ve already slept through most of the day so the next few days might be a little tough.

It doesn’t matter though. I mean, we’re in Thailand and are about to embark our biggest adventure so far!

expat blog

The last few days have been a emotional roller-coaster and very hectic. V arrived on Friday evening and well, let’s just say that my packing/etc. wasn’t quite ready by then. I’m very much a last minute person. My last few days in Sweden have been packed with saying goodbye to everyone, hanging on the local beach, taking a midnight swim in the moonlight, BBQ, playing KUBB (a Swedish game), drinking Piggelin-drinks, family day out on the lake and LOADS of last minute packing/sorting out bits/doing paperwork/research. It feels very weird to say it, but I’ve finally completed the last preparations before the moving abroad.  I’m just gonna take a shower and double check everything before we leave at 12:00. The trip is getting really close now. 

I’ve been through so many emotional phases for the past few days. The hardest part have been to say goodbye to everyone and everything. Australia feels so insanely far away and I’m not sure if I will come back/see everyone within the next 2 years. It will most likely be worse knowing that Europe is so far away than it actually will be though. Europe will still only be 2 flights away if we want to come back/visit and there is a few good deals on flights. I’m not nervous about the move. I’ve already gone trough almost every emotions and feel very calm now. And tired of course, but that’s due to some jet lat planning. I can’t wait to start my life again since it’s been a little bit on pause during the past 6 months in Sweden.

Today is the day. I just need double everything before we’re going to the airport in about 3  hours and then that’s it. We are starting off with a 5-day holiday in Thailand before landing in Australia in exactly 7 days.