Bloggen är kaos just nu. Jag har precis kopierat över mina gamla bloggar, så nu är det en salig blandning av språk (Svenska & Engelska), teman (allt ifrån personligt svammel till välplanerade inlägg) och massor av kategorier etc. som ligger helt knasigt. Över 700 inlägg har det blivit genom åren. Det är många historier, minnen och pinsamheter som gömmer sig här. Precis så som det ska vara. 

Jag vet inte alls vad jag vill, mer än att det känns smartare och tryggare att ha allt samlat på ett ställe (med regelbundna backups).  Fast just nu känns det mest rörigt och kaosartat. Och väldigt överväldigande. 700 inlägg är inte direkt lätt att bara gå igenom för att ta bort dubbletter, gå igenom kategorierna osv.


Vad gör man en brittisk sommardag, när kalendern visar på Juni och man är lite sugen på en strand? Jo, man tar på sig varma kläder (det är ju liksom Storbritannien vi pratar om), googlar “London getaways”, hoppar in i bilen och kör i några timmar. Superlätt.


Vi har redan hängt så mycket i Camber Sands, Brighton och närliggande ställen, så det fick bli ett wild card. Nämligen Botany Bay. Det ligger en sådär 2-3 timmar bort med bil ifrån norra London, men först måste man passera Margate.


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Indoor skiing London

Welcome to the Hemel Snow Centre; a Winter Wonderland with glistening snow and an indoor ski slope located just outside London! It’s open all year along, so you can always hit the slopes regardless if it’s Winter or a boiling Summer day outside. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to ski or snowboard no matter what the weather is! We went there on a rainy and grey day and it was like stepping into another World.

The Hemel Snow Centre is London’s closest indoor snow slope. There’s something for everyone; slopes for skiing (regular and slalom), snowboarding and sledging. There’s even a Snow Garden for the young kids (from 2 years) with a tiny slope to play in.

Don’t worry if you can’t ski or snowboard, just sign up to any of their lessons! The thing is that you’re not allowed in the regular slopes unless you know how to control your speed, direction and how to stop, etc. That way, people like me won’t be able to tumble uncontrollably down the slope and ruin it for everyone else! One skiing or snowboard lesson should be enough to get you to that stage, though!

Indoor slope

The entrance fee includes all necessary equipment, like skis, snowboards, ski/snowboard boots and helmets. So there’s thankfully no need to drag any bulky gear throughout London! You can even rent Winter clothes (for a fee), but I think that’s easier just to bring your own (if you have any).

The price for the snow dome varies depending on the season, type of lift pass, your age, time of the day and so on. Check their website to see the current price options. It’s not the cheapest activity in London, but it’s still peanuts compared to the cost of a skiing trip. Also, there’re a few good deals like the summer monthly passes if you want to back several times. You can get unlimited skiing and snowboarding for an entire month (excl. Friday evenings) for only £59-69. View Post

sugar decoration

Hands up if you like cakes and desserts! Who doesn’t, right? Well, you’re in luck because this post is all about cakes and the skilled bakers that can turn a regular sponge cake into a masterpiece of art. I was lucky to win tickets to the Cake International 2016 show from Simply Sensational Food and I  happily brought my camera with me. Are you ready to admire some of my favourite cakes?

The Cake Show is a big celebration of cake decorations and sugarcraft. It’s amazing what some people can create with lots of sugar and colouring agents! I would never have the patience or interest to get into sugar crafting, but it’s impossible not to admire the insane amount of time, skills, and dedication it takes to create a miniature world like the one above. I loved the Pingu themed cake and just looking at it made brought a smile to my face. View Post

London Walking tour

My friends, it’s time to start looking up! Who else are guilty of rarely paying attention to what’s above our eye-level? How much do you think that you’re missing by not raising your eyes just a bit higher? A lot, it turns out!

A while ago, I and V. joined Look Up London, a walking tour around the Spitalfields area. The entire idea of the tour is to discover all the things that we would normally just walk by without noticing. Like these two bakers that can be found above a burger joint. I have walked down that street so many times before without even noticing it!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to explore the Spitalfields area in East London? View Post