A Swede Abroad

OK, let’s start this blog with a presentation of.. well, me of course.

So who I am? I am Mia, a 20-something expat at heart. I grew up in a smaller town in Sweden, got bored with my current life and booked a one way flight to London. It was tough in the beginning, but I also fell in love in the city, the roughness, the unexpected turns of life and the everything-is-possible-atmosphere. I could see myself living there for a very long time, but life had other plans for me. London was my home for almost 5 years, but I emptied my room an moved back to Sweden in December 2013 to finish my studies.

I’m currently in some weird transition period between my old life and my new. It feels strange to once again live in Sweden and I’m feeling a little lost. Most of my old friends in Sweden have moved/faded away over the past few years and my current London life is just too far away.

However, all things will pass and so will this. Me and my boyfriend (that I left in London) will soon move to Australia for a new phase in our lives. We’re starting in Brisbane/Gold Coats and will just take it from there. There’s no work/studies/similar lined up for us when we move, so we’ll need to solve all of that when we get there. We are mostly looking forward to do something different, get new experiences and are not ready to settle down yet.

We’re going there on a one year “work and travel”– visa that we are planning to prolong for another year. We might stay in Australia for the full 2 years or we might leave beforehand. It’s not that planned out and will just see what happens since neither of us has ever been in Australia before. I’m not worried though. I’ve already made a similar move to London 5 years ago and that turned out well. Europe is also just a flight away, so we can always come back if Australia didn’t turn out the way we wanted.

moving abroad

My Australia move is finally getting really close. I’ve been planning the next few weeks since 6 months (which is a new record since I’m an extreme last minute-person) and my crazy schedule is about to start. I’m writing this at the same time as I’m emptying my old room in Stockholm and are packing for my London-trip. This is the starting day of the next few months that will eventually lead me to.. Australia!

I just need to move, visit and say goodbye of London, attend two graduations parties in just 3 days, visit Växjö (5-6hours drive from here) to carry my brothers furniture down 3 flights of stairs and somehow manage to finish my dissertation in the next 2 weeks. Phew, I’m getting stressed out just writing it all down.

I’ll take 3 well deserved days off to catch up on some sleep after my dissertation/my youngest brothers graduation (yup, it’s on the same day) before boarding a plane to Barcelona. It’s OK though, since it will be nine days of sun, beach and parties! We’ll be back on the 18th and then it’s just 3.5 week left to sort out everything that has to be done before flying to Bangkok.  5 days later and I’ll be on a plane to Gold Coast, Australia to start our new life. I’m feeling really excited and hopeful.