We’re moving to Australia in just a few days. Me and the bf have been planning this for a long time and quickly got our visas sorted out and told our friends and families. One of the things that we didn’t do for a while was to book our flights until a few months ago. It took a fair bit of research, but I’m very pleased with our flights.

We’re planning to be away for two years (work and travel visa 1+2), so we’ve decided to book a one-way flight. It would naturally be a lot cheaper per flight if it’s booked as a return, but hey, I’m still very happy. We got a good deal and this post is for anyone that is looking for a cheap flight between Australia and Sweden.

My best tip is to try different routes and companies. Our total price landed at £422 per person to Australia, but the truth is that we didn’t choose the cheapest tickets available since we didn’t want to be more flexible on the dates. The cheapest flight tickets that I found from Stockholm, Sweden to Gold Coast in Australia was £270/person. I’m not kidding! That’s about half the price compared to most other airlines. It’s not the best route to take if you are very limited on time, but it’s a good alternative if you are a little flexible.

How to find cheap flights between Australia and Sweden? 

Well, we are going to break up the almost 23 hours long flight into two more manageable parts. A lot of people manage to travel for almost 24 hours nonstop, but it’s something that I would rather avoid. Anyhow, this is how you can find cheap flights to Australia on a budget;

1. Stockholm, Sweden –> Bangkok, Thailand for £130 (we paid £288)
Airline: Norwegian Airline
Yes, that’s right! We’re going to start our move with a vacation in Thailand! The best part is that the flights was A LOT cheaper with a few days break in Bangkok. That’s money that we can spend on a hotel, cocktails and massages (the normal kind) instead of just giving it away to a airline company. +It would break up the almost 23 hours long flight into two more manageable parts. I would say that’s a WIN-WIN! 😀 We’re flying with Norwegian Airline so it’s not a fancy airline that will spoil you with hot towels, but it’s OK. Their cheapest prices to Bangkok is currently £130!! This may not be a good option for someone with a very limited time, but it’s good for anyone on a budget that can be more flexible.

2. Bangkok, Thailand –> Gold Coast, Australia for £140pp (incl. Checked-in luggage)
Airline: Air Asia
It’s once again, not a fancy airline so I would recommend that you bring your own favorite snacks and don’t expect a fabulous service. I still think it’s worth it, because I’ll rather spend my money on more fun things than a flight. +It’s a night flight so I’m planning to sleep most of the journey anyway.