Moving to Australia in just a few hours

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The last few days have been a emotional roller-coaster and very hectic. V arrived on Friday evening and well, let’s just say that my packing/etc. wasn’t quite ready by then. I’m very much a last minute person. My last few days in Sweden have been packed with saying goodbye to everyone, hanging on the local beach, taking a midnight swim in the moonlight, BBQ, playing KUBB (a Swedish game), drinking Piggelin-drinks, family day out on the lake and LOADS of last minute packing/sorting out bits/doing paperwork/research. It feels very weird to say it, but I’ve finally completed the last preparations before the moving abroad.  I’m just gonna take a shower and double check everything before we leave at 12:00. The trip is getting really close now. 

I’ve been through so many emotional phases for the past few days. The hardest part have been to say goodbye to everyone and everything. Australia feels so insanely far away and I’m not sure if I will come back/see everyone within the next 2 years. It will most likely be worse knowing that Europe is so far away than it actually will be though. Europe will still only be 2 flights away if we want to come back/visit and there is a few good deals on flights. I’m not nervous about the move. I’ve already gone trough almost every emotions and feel very calm now. And tired of course, but that’s due to some jet lat planning. I can’t wait to start my life again since it’s been a little bit on pause during the past 6 months in Sweden.

Today is the day. I just need double everything before we’re going to the airport in about 3  hours and then that’s it. We are starting off with a 5-day holiday in Thailand before landing in Australia in exactly 7 days.

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