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I recently moved back to Sweden after 4.5 years in London. It was a complete nightmare to deal with all of the things that I had accumulated over the years! I kept finding clothes that I haven’t used for years, soft toys from endless arcade games and Swedish books that I couldn’t sell in the UK. It felt like a never ending nightmare.

So there I was, with what seemed like a million things on an island in the North Sea. About 1500 kilometres away from my new home. Driving wasn’t practical so I eventually decided to use as a freight carrier.

This is my review of, but let’s start with a disclaimer– I have never used any similar services, so I have no idea what to expect and how well they performed compared to other companies. Anyhow, this is my experience of SendMyBag!

I was looking for something cheap (who wants to pay loads for something as boring as shipping??), door-to-door and safe. It was a very easy and straightforward process. I basically packed my bags, booked the shipping online, printed off my shipping labels and handed over my things a few days later. It doesn’t get much easier than that! You can ship both excess luggage and moving boxes to most of the world. The prices is obviously different depending on where you ship it to/from, so please check their website to see the exact routes and prices.


1. Sendmybag is just forwarding your order to DHL. Which means that it’s DHL that will pickup and deliver your items. It was actually one of the main reasons for why I chose to use SendMyBag, since it felt safer to hand over my precious items to a more experienced company such as DHL. It’s also cheaper than ordering it directly from DHL (I’ve checked).

2. Door-to-door delivery. It’s just what it says- you will book a pick-up day, wait around until they’ll knock on your door and take your items. A van/truck will appear outside your new address a few days later and the driver will carry the items to your front door.

3. Fairly cheap excess luggage shipping. I ended up paying £27 per 30kg box with the 10% discount for new customers. The price will be higher if you are sending items to a more distanced country, so check their website for exact prices.

4. Fast & Last minute friendly. I booked the shipping just two days before it was picked up and it arrived in Sweden after just 4 working days.

5. It includes insurance. I think that most delivery companies includes insurance, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.


1. It won’t give you a precise pickup slot. The pickup can occur any time between 9am and 6pm on your selected day. I know that this is a never ending issue with delivery companies, but I would have preferred a more specific time slot. Moving houses tend to turn me into an extremely busy person.

2. It didn’t give an exact delivery date. You will get an estimated delivery date which is almost always accurate, but it still makes things a little harder. You or someone else will need to stay at home in case of a delivery. My items got delivered one day earlier than expected. However- It’s fairly easy to figure when it supposed to be delivered by using their tracking service. DHL use a very detailed tracking system and you will be able to see exactly where and when your items have been.

3. I didn’t need to sign when they picked up the items. I don’t know how it normally works with delivery companies, but I felt a little paranoid to just hand over my personal items to a random guy in a DHL jacket. It would have felt safer if I had to sign something. That way I would have some sort of proof that they had actually picked up my items. However- the driver will log the pickup in their system and you will be able to see the exact time in their tracking service, but I would still have preferred to sign something..


There’s a few things that I didn’t like (see above), but I’m overall happy with their service. I did completely underestimated how much things that I had and ended up sending two separate batches of bags/boxes.  All my bags/boxes arrived without a scratch and I had no issues what so ever.

I particularly liked that it’s so last minute friendly, especially since I didn’t realize how much stuff that I had until I was just days away from moving. Their quick turnaround really saved me!

Also, I’m a student with a limited budget so the cost was one of my main concerns. Sendmybag was my cheapest option and I really like that the delivery is being managed by DHL.



I can think about a million other things that I would rather spend my money on than excess luggage shipping .I guess that most of us would rather spend the money on other things, so take advantage of their discounts.

You will receive a £5 (or your currency equivalent) discount on your first order if you go through one of the links in this post (or use a referral link from someone else). £5 is currently equivalent to a $11 discount if you are an Australian or a $8 if you are paying in American dollars.


DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means two things; 1. You’ll receive a discount. 2. I’ll receive a small credit from as a thank you for referring you. HOWEVER, SendMyBag has nothing to do with this post and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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