We’ve made it to Thailand! Wohoo!

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We’re alive and in Thailand! I’m dead tired and super excited at the same time. I can’t believe that we are finally here and have begun the first part of our move to Australia. It’s actually happening for real. We’re moving to Australia in just a few days!! It’s exciting times my friends, but there’s an entire country to explore first before we’re boarding our last flight in a few days.

Bangkok Travel blogI’m tired though. No, I’m beyond just being tired. I’m dead exhausted to the point where I can’t even make sense of my own thoughts, let alone expressing myself to anyone else. Arriving in Thailand after a 12 hour overnight flight with hardly no sleep and a +6 hour time difference was much harder than I had expected. We were both tired and frustrated. And then we got lost in a country where we can’t read the street signs or use our phones (google maps). All while the sweat was pouring down our bodies from carrying, what seemed like, a ton on our backs. It was not a proud moment of our relationship, but we finally made it to the hotel and collapsed on the bed without even taking off our clothes.

We went straight to bed. I don’t even have any memories of falling asleep. All I know was falling on top of the bed and later waking up several hours later. This is a pretty hardcore jetlag and we’ve already slept through most of the day so the next few days might be a little tough.

It doesn’t matter though. I mean, we’re in Thailand and are about to embark our biggest adventure so far!

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